I’m-a da most-a happy fella!

I’d kind of been keeping this under wraps for the past week until I got an official confirmation from the company, but it seems now like everything’s set, so I’m very, very, very proud to announce that next weekend I will be singing in the ensemble of Sγmρhοnγ Sίlίcοn Vαlleγ‘s concert production of The Μοst Hαρργ Fellα, starring renowned tenor Guαltίeгο Negгίnί, and LΙSΑ FREAKING VRΟМΑN OH MY LORD.


Lίsα Vгοmαn.  We are talking one of the all-time greatest Christine Daaés here.  The woman who played the role for five straight years in San Francisco.  The woman with this voice.  (Please ignore Cοlm Wίlkίnson in that video, and his stupid beard and his stupid face and his stupid everything I hate that man so much aaaargh I don’t even really know why.)

I cannot begin to tell you how hard fourteen-year-old Heather is freaking out right now.  I mean, I still get all giggly over the fact that my current voice teacher was Monsieur Lefèvre in the SF Phantom production.  So this is pretty much blowing my mind.

Fangirl nonsense aside, I’m beyond honored to have been given this chance.  I actually missed the auditions, as they were held during tech for Chicago, but the conductor for the production is also Chicago’s music director, and he pushed for the company to take me on just a video and his good word.  He’s a man I’ve worked with for a couple of years at TheαtгeWοгks, but that’s always been in a crew capacity; I only started working with him as a performer recently, so to have him go to bat for me like that means a whole lot.

I’m so excited!  We rehearse Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week, and then perform Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I get to spend Spring Break as a working performer!  Best.  Best best best.

Info on tickets is here if anyone is interested.  They’re on the pricey side, and I’m just ensemble, so I don’t think I’ll ask any of my friends to see it.  But if you do decide to come, let me know!  Friendly faces in the audience = my favorite.


8 thoughts on “I’m-a da most-a happy fella!

  1. Awesome! I love that show!

    So does it really make a diff to use your ČΓǽŹΞΞ ŦåŁЖ if you then just make hotlinks out of it?

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