When you’re good to Mama…Mama feels super-awkward.

Man, WordPress is so fancy! The stats tracking is particularly bananas.  Bordering on Orwellian, even.

So, Chicago is going very, very well.  Turns out my fears were unfounded, and I am not doing a shitty* job as Mama after all.  The feedback I’ve gotten has been…overwhelming.  Superlative upon superlative.  Which I do not know how to handle in the least, so I’ve mostly spent the past weekend bouncing around like an idiot, blurting out a series of flustered “thank youuuuuu”s in a panicky falsetto.  Poise: I should work on it.

(It’s meant so much, though.  There were so many people I was hoping to impress.  Fellow performers I’ve admired; new-ish friends who have never seen me really do my thing.  This weekend felt great.)

(I’m pretty sure letting go of my natural tendency for self-deprecation and admitting to being kind of good at something means that I will for sure suck real, real hard this coming weekend.  IT IS THE WAY OF THINGS.)

Spring Break next week, and then I dive headfirst into Το Κίll α Μοckίngbίrd rehearsals for ΤheαtгeWοгks.  I hope my kids are cool.  I hope the crew is cool, as it seems most of my favorites are working the overlapping Sunsets αnd Μαrgαrίtαs instead, which makes me über-sad.  I also hope I manage to survive the four student matinées what the hell.

…good to know that having a new blog in no way makes my posts more interesting.

*Ooh, first swear in the new blog!  I guess this means I am rated PG-13.  YOU HEAR THAT, PRE-TEENS?  THIS BLOG ISN’T FOR YOU.  NOW GET OFF MY LAWN.

2 thoughts on “When you’re good to Mama…Mama feels super-awkward.

  1. i am so, so, so sad that i will not be seeing chicago. i had grand plans for a surprise last minute trip up to catch it (along with the gilded) (I SPELLED IT RIGHT), but was thwarted by massive, massive amounts of work. what’s up with having shows that open in the weeks leading up to the SAT? come on.

    anyway. i’m sure you’re beyond incredible. can’t wait to see the video!! 🙂


      (Lies. I love you, and completely understand. And I’ll see if my mom can sneak in a video camera at some point so that I might grace all of YouTube with my ridiculousness.)

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