“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Blurgh, bellyache.  My own damn fault for giving in to the allure of Taco Bell after the show last night.  But I was so hungry!  (Side note?  There is no worse cross-section of humanity than the people in the drive-through line for Taco Bell after 10:00 PM on a Friday night.  Everyone was yelling.  One dude got out of his car, took a few steps off to the side, and peed.  Jesus Christ.)

I felt like I had an off night last night.  It wasn’t terrible, it was just that everything felt a little…shaky, I guess.  I don’t know.  The “actually me” portion of my brain was very loud whenever I was onstage.  “DO YOU REMEMBER THESE WORDS?  I BET YOU DON’T.  UH-OH, WHERE’S THE PACK OF CARDS?  ARE YOU GOING TO GO OUT AFTER THIS?  YOU SEEM KIND OF TIRED.  OOH, LOOK, THERE’S MIKE!  HI MIKE!”  Seriously.  Quiet the hell down, brain.

Tonight will be better.  Probably.

I keep forgetting the Oscars are tomorrow.  I’ll be stuck at strike for the show until about 8:00 (oy), but that’s fine, because I am not at all stoked about the Oscars this year.  I’ve just been too busy with everything to really think about them, I guess.  Plus, I’m pissed that they aren’t doing musical performances.  That is my most favorite part of the Oscars!  Lame.  I’ll watch ’em Monday morning, probably.  Bring some laundry over to my parents’ house, settle down on the couch in the back room, and revel in the luminous beauty of an HD flatscreen.

(Dear my family, I love you a whole lot, but maybe you could go on vacation soon?  So I can live in your house for a couple weeks again?  Because I sure do like your stuff.)

(What’s that?  You can’t afford to go on vacation, because you are putting me through college?  A private college that will ultimately end up costing as much as a condo?  Ah.  Duly noted.)


Jaime is treating me to a showing of the new Alice in Wonderland this afternoon.  I am tentatively excited?  I have very, very strong feelings about Lewis Carroll and the Alice stories, and have since I was about sixteen, so, y’know…I worry.  But it’ll be fiiiiiiiine.

Shower time!


4 thoughts on ““Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

  1. You were seriously awesome last night. So tell your stupid brain to STFU. Musically speaking, you and Alanna belting the hell out of “Class” was the high point of the night.

    (Although now I’m regretting sitting so close. Sorry, Heather’s brain!)

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