Straight from Chicago to Napa Valley

Aww, Chicago is over!  Sad-face.  Ultimately, I am proud of the work I did.  I don’t feel my performance was as strong in the second weekend as it was in the first, but I was still better than I’ve ever been before.  I think.  (I hope?)

If you did not come see Chicago, we are in a fight.  Just sayin’.

We finished up with strike earlier than I expected last night, so I made it to my parents’ house in time to watch the Oscars with them and my sister and my sister’s boyfriend (who fits in with our family so well it is almost eerie).  My mom made delicious polenta lasagna, and we all carted our plates into the back room, choosing to dine by the glow of the HD flatscreen.  I managed to make $20 off my step-dad when he insisted on betting that the movie Spanglish had been nominated for some kind of Oscar back when it came out (it hadn’t).  Good, good night.

In not-me news: Reynaldi, one of my oldest and best friends, just found out that he got into Yale for grad school.  Yale!  Jesus!  It still feels like not that long ago I was fourteen and he was sixteen and we were just meeting at BBBαy’s production of the ridiculous Yeston/Kopit Phantom.  And now he’s off to join the Ivy League!  Man, everyone in the world is moving to the East Coast, or is planning on moving to the East Coast, or just yearns to be on the East Coast.  I will soon be the only person left in California.  But then beach sunsets and Disneyland will be ALL MINE.

I’ve never been to Connecticut.  I hear they have nice seasons.  I guess I now have an excuse to visit?  Also, I’m pretty sure Yale will give me an architectural orgasm.  Maybe I will meet a tall history professor with patches on his elbows and a dusty leather briefcase, and we will make babies.  Tall, erudite babies.

Wait, why am I talking about me??  CONGRATULATIONS, REYNALDI.

Okay, back to me for real.  In about six hours, I will leave the house to start my first professional theatre gig.  Professional!  I am getting paid for this business!  I think this is the first time I have been paid to be a performer.  Well, I mean, paid and coming out of the process having made a profit.  Community theatre stipends, though a lovely and much appreciated gesture, generally just cover all the money you spent on gas and costume accessories and makeup and such.  I will be walking away from this week having made money.  It’s not, like, a ton, but it’s still dollars for my singing.  DOLLARS FOR MY SINGING.  LET US CONTINUE THIS TREND IN FUTURE, YES?

I am nervous as all get-out.  But so, so excited.


One thought on “Straight from Chicago to Napa Valley

  1. Hi! So here’s that comment we were talking about earlier…

    I’m not sure why it doesn’t have the box for a website but here it is anyway:

    yay! and I am SO glad you totally understand my 14 year old self OH MAN. (PS I am clearly not as good of an internet stalker as I thought as I could find no info whatsoever on you-know-who) lol. aaaaand I’m 5. It’s fine.

    PPS: we need to do more shows together for serious. love you!

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