Great Big *cough* Italian *hack* Sposali*sputter*zio!

Jeezy Creezy how did it get to be Friday already?  Where did this week go?  COME BACK, THIS WEEK, YOU ARE SO FULL OF AWESOME.

Seriously, though.  This week has been bananas.  Mostly the good kind, all ripe and yellow and delicious.  Only occasionally the gross, mushy, black kind.  I…don’t know where I’m going with this metaphor.  LOOK, I’M ILL, OKAY?  BACK OFF.

That’s been the only disappointment in an otherwise superb week: I woke up at 5:00 AM Wednesday morning with the sorest sore throat in the history of Sorefordshire, and a fever to put all other fevers to shame.  I’ve subsisted on nothing but orange juice and zinc lozenges since then, and while the fever has beat a very brave retreat, the sore throat remains, now accompanied by phlegm.  Which is just great.

I’m trying not to let it get me down.  For the next three nights, I’m going to be sitting on the stage of a beautiful theatre with a full symphony orchestra watching some insanely talented, successful singers doing their thing.  And a few times, I will even get to sing with them!  Granted, that singing will be strained and painful and possibly marred by the occasional hearty cough, but still.

Okay.  Oranges and tea.  That’s what today is about.  Oranges and tea.  And trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my hair.


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