Gray Eyes: A Follow Up

I am feeling a little better about the whole gray (grey?) eyes thing this morning.  Meghan reminded me that Athena’s eyes were always said to be gray, and I also recall that Sherlock Holmes had gray eyes, as did Tarzan, and a whole slew of fancy Elven folk from Middle Earth.  And if nothing else, the Victorians totally have my back:

Intelligence is now regarded as being fully as desirable as beauty and gentleness in the fair sex. To-day, when she is not some mere combination of black hair and yellow eyes, or a huge doll to be dressed and undressed by the lady-novelist, the heroine is a often an intellectual woman, with all the little foibles and inconsistencies of her sex.  She is, as Charles Reade wrote of Ellen Terry, “in short, all that is abominable and charming in woman.”

It is therefore not strange that she should have gray eyes.  For these are pre-eminently the eyes of intelligence and feeling, which they express equally well.  The curious reader may easily verify this statement in the pages of the novelist, who must also be to some extent a physiognomist.

Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine, Volume 62

I knew I liked those guys.  Keep on keepin’ on, Victorians!  And by “keepin’ on”, I of course mean “quashing any tiny glimmer of sexual liberation upon which you may happen to stumble.”  Hooray!

(Yeah, LiveJournal totally got the more interesting entry today.  Sorry WordPress.)


4 thoughts on “Gray Eyes: A Follow Up

  1. I had be no idea if you even read responses anymore, but i had deluded myself about my green eyes forever as well…. they are grey. Grey with hints of yellow and blueish, but most definitely grey. And you know what? They are constantly complimented. Enjoy those gorgeous peepers.

  2. Ryan Lochte has gray ( American spelling if you will, grey being spelt more commonly across the pond) eyes. So there’s your intelligence theory shot down. That being said, gray eyes are my favorite and anytime I meet someone with them it gets very awkward with how I try to make eye contact like just looking at them a little longer will train my brain to adopt the color as my own.

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