I wrote this entry on board the waaaaaaahmbulance.

You guys, I am so tired of coughing I can’t even tell you.  SO TIRED.  (I was really excited yesterday, because my sore throat had started to fade.  Cut to this morning, where I wake up to find I had apparently done nothing but swallow shards of glass all night.  GREAT.)

Things are moderately terrible right now on a lot of different fronts, but I’m doing what I can to deal with stuff.  And the stuff I can’t deal with, I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and shutting my eyes and going “LALALALA!” as loud as I can in the hopes that it will go away.  It…is not the best of schemes.

(The problem is I don’t talk to anybody.  That’s always been the problem.  I’m convinced I’m supposed to figure everything out on my own, so instead of seeking the counsel and comfort of friends and family, I, y’know, write vague blog entries and spend the majority of my time indoors, watching British television.  By myself.  Which is pretty great, but probably not great for me.)

I’m trying to get some Spring cleaning done in-between throat-shredding, guttural coughs (you guys my throat hurts so much I know I am whining about it all the time but ow ow ow it burnnnnns us precious [based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire]).  Spring makes me antsy.  I want to throw away everything I own and start from the ground up; new furniture, new apartment, new life, new me.  Somebody point me towards the reset button, please.

Blurgh.  Here, let’s have something fun: It looks like France made a movie just for me! Merci beau-freakin’-coup, France!  (That’s what’s wrong with my life: I’m not a kick-ass Edwardian adventuress.  I will endeavor to remedy that with all due haste.)


5 thoughts on “I wrote this entry on board the waaaaaaahmbulance.



    …Go to the doctor.

    And… talk to somebody. Like me! I’m coming home for Easter weekend. We can chatter chatter chatter. AND IT WILL BE FANTASTIC.

    • Not good mama! have you seen the doctor?

      I got around the same symptoms as well. Coughing goin cray cray.. sore throat.. hurts to swallow.. then sinus congestion. I went to the doctor this past monday after 2 weeks of waiting for it to go away and it getting worse… and they gave me penicillin (can’t spell) tylenol and codine, and lozenges. It’s helped… still coughing but the sore throat isn’t as bad as it was.

      See a doctor and get the meds! So then you can be happy =)

  2. Heatherrrrrrr-

    You’ve GOT to get a throat culture done ASAP! Strep is nasty, and besides, you can feel better sooner if they know what’s wrong and you get treated correctly! Can’t risk affecting your super, super voice.

    And there’s nothing wrong with British TV. Well, most British TV…

    Love ya.

  3. Available for talking, should you wish. 🙂
    I caught this nasty cold a week ago, and it started with a sore throat that… well, it was really bad. I can’t think of anything bad enough to say about it, but it did keep me awake overnight. Anyway, I’m glad you’re seeking out doctor help on it. Drink lots of water. I find getting dehydrated makes the throat worse.

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