This calls for a house un-warming party!

So, uh…I’m moving back in with my parents on June 1st.


As of this morning, I’ve got 22 days to get all my shit together and get out of the cozy, deplorable, wonderful, irritating studio apartment I’ve called home for nearly five whole years.

The biggest logistical problem at the moment is my cat, Milo.  My family’s dog, Casey, does not get on well with cats.  But giving up Milo is not an option.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do.

Access to the internet might be an issue, too.  My family has a pretty decent internet connection, but the physical modem is in their office, so I think I need to put some kind of wireless receiver in my computer?  Or something?  Any recommendations for a good, uh, wireless receiver, if that is the correct thing?  Also, how do I do that?

I have so much stuff.  I’m going to try and get rid of at least a portion of it.  I’m heading to Target today for some nice, sturdy storage bins, so that the rest of my nonsense can live in my family’s back garage.  This is a chance for me to put away my knickknacks and collectibles and dozens of decorative dust-catchers and try to see what it’s like living a slightly more spartan life.  Slightly more…mature?  Well, I mean, as mature as a life can be in a purple room with glow-in-the-dark constellations on the ceiling.  (Thanks, fourteen-year-old Heather!)  (No, really.  Thanks.  Those things are super awesome.)

I am going to miss my privacy.  I am going to miss having people over (not that I did that a lot these days).  I am going to miss having this much space to call my own.  I am going to miss the privilege of living as an entirely selfish being, doing whatever I like, whenever I like.  I am going to miss having zero accountability.

I am not going to miss the insane state of perpetual stress that comes with being financially unstable; not knowing whether you’re going to be able to pay your rent, or if the power is going to be shut off.  I’ve been living more or less hand-to-mouth for just about two years now, and let me tell you, it is not at all conducive to being a happy, healthy Heather.

This is what is right for me right now.  This is what I need to make it through school.  It sucks on a whole lot of levels, but it’s also the best thing ever, and while I’m sad about the life I’m losing, I’m also incredibly grateful to have parents who are willing to sacrifice their own space and privacy and lifestyle to take me back in while I work towards finding my happiness.  It’s a blessing, and I will not for one second take it for granted.

Twenty-two days.  Time to get packin’.


3 thoughts on “This calls for a house un-warming party!

  1. Oh no! Well then you’ll just have to hang out more over here! Maybe Motor will get used to you and actually come out from under the bed!

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