Brevity is the soul of NaBloPoMo

Christ, NaBloPoMo.

I am abysmally hung over.  My Halloween somehow culminated in a rather embarrassing amount of rum, which has made today pretty exciting on the personal equilibrium front.  Each individual step is now a thrilling foray into the unknown.  Will I manage to successfully place one foot ahead of the other?  Or will I, in fact, just topple over?  GOD, THE SUSPENSE.

Though I have to say, today was one of the few days I didn’t oversleep and miss my morning classes.  So clearly the key to my academic success is…to drink more?  All the time?  That can’t be right.

First music rehearsal for Spelling Bee tonight.  Again, I’m sure the massive rum intake is going to do nothing but encourage my success there.

Yet another resounding victory in my never-ending fight against actually being a responsible adult!


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