Day Four: When Did I Become a Mid-Day Drinker?

Margarita-time with the Pan ladies yesterday was pretty effin’ awesome, let me tell you what.

It’s decided to be hot as balls outside again (because the Bay Area is apparently some kind of secret government bio-dome experiment and we are all just a bunch of helpless Pauly Shores and Stephen Baldwins), and that made the outing seem all the more appropriate.  Thanks to the hordes of Giants fans leftover from the morning’s parade, it took us a few tries to snag ourselves a server; but after that, it was drinks and chips and gossip and general awesomeness all the way.

(Well, except for the part where I gesticulated a little too emphatically and ended up dumping my half-drunk margarita all over the table.  That part was lame.  But our server then proceeded to bring me another full glass for free.  The lesson I am choosing to take from that experience is that I should spill my drinks all the time.  Money-saving tips for the tipsy.)

The next outing, it has been decided, will consist of brunch and mimosas at some restaurant that may or may not exist anymore (look, I don’t know, Amy’s in charge).  We will also probably invite some of the Pan boys, because they were pretty okay, too.  FOR THE MOST PART.

And now, off to yet another night of rehearsal.


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