“Away with you, you vile, shoe-less thing.”

NaBloPoMo, I’m sure you (and maybe the three people who actually read this) spent all of today in a veritable tizzy, fretting over whether or not I’d get a post in before midnight.  You know, after all these years, I’d have thought you’d have a little more faith in me, NaBloPoMo.  Jeez.

While you were busy doubting my general ability to follow through on anything, I was enjoying this rainy Sunday immensely, spending the greater portion of it on a very comfy couch, watching TV with a most delightful gentleman.  I posit that this is the only acceptable way to spend a rainy day, and would even go so far as to say that it is the surefire cure for any and all things that might ail you.  In fact, I have such faith in the above statement that I will soon be incorporating the comfy couch/delightful gentleman combo into my travelling revival show, which will be coming soon to a town near you seventy years ago.  And is maybe actually just an episode of Carnivàle I saw. It’s unclear.


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