I feel comfortable with letting the Internet make my decisions for me.

Dear Internet,

I completely forgot that I am performing in two concerts this week.  Surprise!  One of them is this Friday at noon; I do not know where, nor am I really sure about how or why.  I do know that I will be singing “So In Love” from Kiss Me Kate, and that it is going to be 100% mediocre, because I’m only just starting to explore my upper register and it is absolutely not a thing people should be made to sit and listen to yet.  But it will make my voice teacher happy, so there you go.

My dilemma comes with the second, fancier, more important concert on Sunday evening, where all the Vocal Performance students don their swankiest outfits and head into Ralston Mansion’s ballroom to sing at their assembled friends and family members.  I still haven’t decided on a song.  This, Internet, is where you come in.  The choices are these:

The Man That Got Away: I love singing this, because it’s keyed so low that it borders on subterranean, and I get to pretend that I am mid-career Judy Garland, minus the pill addiction.  Not too much meat, arc-wise, but still a good number for me.

Losing My Mind: Nothing but arc-meat (…what?), and still keyed low enough for me to rock it in my resonant chest-voice.  I already sang it in class, though, and put a video on Facebook, so to my mind that makes this song kind of played-out.

The Miller’s Son: Last-minute addition to the list.  I tried this out in my vocal coaching last week, and it’s a pretty good fit.  Whether or not I’d actually be able to remember all the goddamn words is uncertain, but I like that this is more of an up-tempo song than the others, as these concerts tend to be ballad-fests.

What say you, Internet?  Which of those should I unleash upon the unsuspecting populace?  Or do you have an even better suggestion?

(Side note: I know the “leave a comment” form at the bottom of the entry asks you to fill out not only your name, but also your e-mail address and website…but guess what?  You don’t have to do ANY of those things, and you can still comment!  That means you can subject me to ceaseless belligerence in complete anonymity! I’m sure this will end very well.)


7 thoughts on “I feel comfortable with letting the Internet make my decisions for me.

  1. Last minute “The Miller’s Son” scares me a lot, because those are a hell of a lot of words to memorize quickly. I wouldn’t want to have to do it. So I vote for “The Man That Got Away.”

  2. “man that got away” and “losing my mind” seem like better choices for the context of the show… “miller’s son” on its own might lose some of the impact it has in the show (though i’m sure you’d be amazing performing it!).

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