Complaining on the Internet = A+ use of time.

Point the First: In the post I wrote while half-delirious with exhaustion last night, I claimed to have seen a “dear” on campus.  D-E-A-R, dear.  It’s a good thing nobody reads this blog, otherwise I would be the laughingstock of the literati.

Point the Second: I am beyond fed up with my constant, semi-crippling stage fright.  How long have I been in theater?  How many times have I performed for audiences?  You would think that by now my brain and body would understand that there should be different physical reactions to “going to sing a song for some folks” and “going to be devoured by a shambling army of enraged, remorseless zombies.”  YOU WOULD THINK.

Point the Third: There is no place on the whole of the earth that is colder than my house.  Like, this is basically my life:

You can't quite see it here, but I'm totally flipping you off.


2 thoughts on “Complaining on the Internet = A+ use of time.

  1. 1. I read your blog. I read it last night. I laughed, but quietly, as my fellow literati were asleep.

    2. It’s not your fault that the ndnu music students resemble a mob of zombies.

    3. Slice open the Tauntaun and climb inside.

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