But fools will be fools…

The other night at Spelling Bee rehearsal, Wayne and I were chatting about my blog, and he told me that when he read the whole thing about me seeing a “dear,” he initially assumed that I was making some kind of clever pun and spent a good few minutes trying to figure it out.  I am pretty stoked that I have managed to successfully trick so many people into thinking I’m witty; I can use the deception to cover many grammar faux-pas yet to come.

And now for something completely different:

(Covering Garland is so dangerous.  Putting it on the internet is even more dangerous.  It’s like you’re going up to every single modem-owning theater queen on the planet and handing them a cordial invitation to crucify you.  I look forward to the inevitable catty YouTube comments.)


One thought on “But fools will be fools…

  1. Awesome job!!

    I will now prepare you for some YouTube comments:

    “This one girl at my high school does it better.”
    “I like it when Jude Gurland sing it on that Star movie.”
    “You moron, that was Barabara Streizand.”
    “I remember when I used to run into Judi on the MGM lot and we’d have lucnh and she’d tell me about her husband Vincen who was a famous director. – Richard C.”

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