More platonic dates than you can shake a stick at.

NaBloPoMo!  I just realized this is the only chance I’ll get for the rest of the night to post!  I AM SO UNPREPARED!

It’s a day for seeing boys I adore, apparently.  Dined on piles of chicken chow-mien with Jaime at lunchtime, chatting about his recent escapades in London and Dublin and New York.  (Overall verdict: SAUCY.)  Apparently the pubs in London are packed by 4:00 PM, while the pubs in Dublin remained relatively unpopulated.  I mean, give that a minute to sink in.  The Irish are not always in pubs. YOU GUYS, EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW ABOUT MY PEOPLE WAS WRONG.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I met up with the infuriatingly talented, unbearably handsome Brendan Getzell for dinner at La Cumbre; a place I had somehow managed to entirely avoid throughout my nearly two decades of living in San Mateo.  (No, seriously, how did I even do that?  That place is a freakin’ institution.)  I can’t believe I hadn’t seen that man since…wow, my birthday, maybe?  A life with no Brendan can hardly be termed a life at all.

And now it’s time for Spelling Bee rehearsal, and our very first full run-through of the show.  A show to which we have sold a grand total of…four tickets so far.

Yeah.  Four.  So, um, why don’t y’all take a gander at the information on this here page and order some tickets.  It’s pretty cheap!  And it’s going to be adorable and hilarious and so well sung you won’t even know what to do.


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