Audience Participation!

Today in History of Music Performance, our teacher was telling us that Turandot was Puccini’s last opera, and that it remained unfinished at the time of his death; whereupon I commented that it should have been called Turan-dot-dot-dot.

they should pretty much just give me my Music degree now, is what I’m saying.

IN OTHER NEWS: Do you live within a reasonable driving distance of Belmont, CA?  Are you free from 7:00 to 10:00 either tomorrow (Friday) night, Monday night, or Tuesday night?  Do you want to get in some unique hang-out time with yours truly?  Well, our production of Spelling Bee needs four people on each of those nights (preferably different people each night, but if you want to help out more than once, we certainly won’t say no) to come be our “rehearsal spellers.”  The script calls for four semi-randomly chosen audience volunteers to participate in the show each night, and it’s sort of imperative that we get some folks in to practice with so we can figure out what the actual pacing is going to be like.

You won’t have to do anything too difficult or wacky.  All that’s required of you is to sit on stage, and then attempt to spell your word when your name is called.  Easy-peasy.

It will be uber-fun!  You’ll get to watch me improv a bit; a thing that is sometimes amazing, and sometimes amazingly terrible, which is really just as entertaining.  You’ll also get to enjoy the vocal stylings of this talented cast, and we are pretty dang great, though I say it myself.  We’re technically looking for non-actors for this, but actors who would promise to rein it in and pretend to be normal people for the evening would work fine as well.  Please let me know as soon as you can, either through a comment here, or through Facebook, or by e-mail (heather.c.orth[at]gmail[dot]com), or carrier pigeon, or semaphore…whatever you’ve got.


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