This entry is, like, 80% links.

Rainy daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

(Rainy days are my very favorite thing.)

One of my mom’s friends from New York actually called her to tell her how good my “Man That Got Away” was.  That is not a terrible start to my Saturday.

I also found a review of Dial “M” for Murder online, and I get a mention:

“Another challenge is Americans speaking in a convincing upper class English dialect and coach Heather Orth closed that gap.”

Yes, as a dialect coach specializing in all things British, I feel it is my particular duty to make sure that my actors…mind the gap.

I think I’m seeing Broadway by the Year tonight, and I think I’ll have an extra ticket if anyone’s interested.  I would prefer, however, that whoever accompanies me be an ordained minister, as I plan on rushing the stage about midway through the show in order to ambush-marry Marc Kudisch, thus ensuring that I get to hear that big, broad baritone voice on a daily basis.  Just FYI.


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