“How…how do cars…do it?”

Aw, crap.  Totally dropped the NaBloPoMo ball.  In my defense, it was because…well, I forgot about it.  BUT IN MY DEFENSE AGAIN, I forgot about it because I was out of the house from 10:00 AM to just now (wait, does WordPress date-stamp entries?  I don’t think they do.  It’s 1:00 AM) doing things like seeing a production of Hamlet on Alcatraz, and getting delicious dinner-breakfast (chocolate-chip pancakes, how did I forget about you for so many years?), and then watching Ratatouille and Cars and WALL-E with my gentleman caller and his awesome, awesome roommates.  So.  I think I’m allowed to forget about blogging when the cause of said memory lapse is having an actual life.  Right?  Of course right.

Also, because I live to impart knowledge: Cars is the rapingest dang movie you ever did see.  And the cars themselves may or may not have sex by opening their doors into each other’s faces.  It’s unclear.

(Since it’s so very late/early, which means this entry will be seen by exactly no one, it’s probably a safe place to say…I am really, really, ridiculously happy.  In general.  Which is, y’know, neat.)

See you in the morning, NaBloPoMo.


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