It is suddenly apple cider weather.  I’m on-board.

No Auburn for my family this year.  We were going to have Til’s parents come down here so that we could get them registered for the cruise next month, but then his mom had to have a small dental procedure done, so she and Dino are staying home.  I’m going to miss my annual rendezvous with the local wildlife.  It’s been nice having a yearly reminder that there is a place called “outside,” and that it is kind of gorgeous.

I’ve managed to fill my weekend up rather nicely.  Friday I’m seeing Spelling Bee at Coastal Rep with a pack of NDNU folks, Saturday I’m hanging with Tony and seeing Or, at the Magic Theatre, and Sunday I get to see Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead at Berkeley Rep with Jaime and two as-yet-undetermined cohorts.  After that, it’s fourteen straight days of my own Spelling Bee, followed by five days of finals before I hop on a plane to Miami and get — as some poet famously said — on a boat, motherfuckers.  Thirty days of full-throttle crazy comin’ up, is what I’m saying.  Yeehaw.


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