Aw, pickles!

Delicious day yesterday.  Ended up in Union Square with Tony, taking in the holiday atmosphere and desperately trying to find the elusive new Disney Store (mission accomplished, but only after stumbling upon some helpful Disney Vacation Club employees at a kiosk in the Westfield Mall.  Guaranteed to be the only time I will give a crap about the Disney Vacation Club).

Later we headed out to the Magic Theatre to see Or, which was wry and bawdy and altogether charming.  We took a pre-show stroll over to the Palace of Fine Arts, only to find that it was all fenced off for construction.  I am taking this as a personal glove-slap from the city of San Francisco, and we are now in a fight.  YOU HEAR THAT, SAN FRANCISCO?  SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

Other notable events: Getting told emphatically to “WALK” by a crotchety old man in a full elevator; almost being run over by a woman whose reaction was to possibly say the Pledge of Allegiance; singing a whole lot of Beatles tunes; and finally, creating the beloved comic-strip character Small Ward-of-the-State Heather, who is a blatant rip-off of Li’l Orphan Annie, and whose catchphrase appears to be “aw, pickles.”  Watch for her in your local newspaper eighty years ago.



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