Punchings = answer to all life’s problems.

Just one more day of you, NaBloPoMo.

Tech for Spelling Bee tonight was quick and painless; four hours and we were out of there.  Cañada’s theater is way fancier than anything we’ve got at NDNU, and I kind of want to punch every student there on principle.  “Have a better facility than my four-year university, will you?” I’ll say as my fist collides with each of their bewildered faces.  Only then, Cañada, will my rage be quelled.

The only downside to the space is the acoustics.  Taube Hall may be ghetto as hell, but voices just ring in that building.  In the Flex Theater, the walls pretty much devour the sound.  Also, the air is dry enough for even me to notice, which is saying something, as I am notoriously bad at noticing anything.  Ever.

Our little show is going to be adorable.  I sure hope people come see it.  Based on current sales, netting even ten folks per performance would be cause for a ticker-tape parade…so please reserve some tickets?  Please?


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