Oh, yeah. This thing.

Jesus tap-dancing Christ, I still have a blog. Anyone still here?

…shut up, Yvonne De Carlo. It was rhetorical.

A metric fuck-ton of stuff has happened since my last entry, but I guess the only relevant piece of information is no, I did not fight any dolphins while abroad; a disappointment from which I will probably spend most of my life trying to recover.

School has been insane the past few weeks.  Projects and performances all over the damn place, and more homework than you can shake a drunk Italian baby at. (That’s…that’s probably not an expression. Like, I’m 98% sure. But it’s just as arbitrary as a stick. And at least twice as entertaining.) Anyway, maybe school’s always been this way, the only difference being that I now actually attend the bulk of my classes. A novel approach, I’ll admit, but I was never one to be ruled by convention. I’m not sure it’s a strategy I’ll continue in future though, as every time I’ve so much as glanced at my Google Calender the last couple of days, I’ve had to battle a rather persistent urge to rip my own eyeballs out of my face and set them on all kinds of fire.

What else, what else? I’ve lost ten pounds, and gained a deep-rooted contempt for basically all humans, which makes me a veritable peach to hang out with, let me tell you what. I also made this Tumblr thing, because I guess I mistook myself for an attention-starved sixteen-year-old girl at some point. Though it turns out I genuinely enjoy the platform, so you’ll have to excuse me while I take a brief stroll directly into the path of an oncoming semi. Really, it’s for the good of us all.

Four more weeks of crazy, then three weeks of absolutely fuck-all, and then Curtains will step in to mercifully devour the rest of my summer. Last time I did a show at Foothill, I lost twenty-five pounds and almost got laid. The gauntlet, ladies and gentlemen, has most assuredly been thrown down.


2 thoughts on “Oh, yeah. This thing.

  1. hey @bellacanta:

    there is an app for android called “vignette” that does similar old film and lens effects like hipstamatic. it’s p good too!

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