Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW

Soooooooo…this happened yesterday:

And this is pretty much all I’ve been doing ever since:

Retail therapy at its very finest, my friends.

Though it turns out the new MacBook was very nearly overshadowed by the fucking life-altering guacamole Mo made before dinner. I have not stopped thinking about it for the last fourteen hours, I am not even kidding. Like, I think I changed religions about six times while eating it, that’s how amazing it was. Goddamn. As soon as school gets out, I am moving right into that house and demanding I be presented with a barrel-full of that magic avocado gunk upon waking each morning. (Other probable demands: trampoline, kittenarium, live-in British boyfriend with a penchant for top hats, money.)

So what am I naming this fancy new computron, o ye internets? Bear in mind, my Honda is named Frau Blue-Car, so you’re probably gonna want to bring your A-game here.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW

    • Ha! I like MacBook Pro-metheus. There’s a widget you can put on your dashboard that makes your desktop look like it’s on fire, so I could slap that up there and be all, “Behold, my laptop has stolen fire from the very gods themselves.” And then someone would call me a nerd and give me a wedgie, probably.

  1. You know, I seem to remember calling my dad’s old car “Frau Blue-Car.” Great minds think alike!

    A name for the computer? How about “Apple Paltrow”? 😛

  2. I think “kittenarium” is my favorite out of all your potential requests. And YAY for the shiny new macbook!! I just about wet myself when I got one as a grad gift.

    Hmm…in sticking with the german theme you could name it Frau Apfel (german for apple)

    OR my other favorite “Sparta” so when you introduce it to people you can scream..well..you know. 😀

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