“Hoop-Skirt Afficianado” is going on my resume.

Jesus Christ, NaBloPoMo. I am currently at rehearsal for Into the Woods, tapping this entry out on the tiny-ass keyboard on this iPhone, and it is taking me forrrrrrevvvverrrrr, which is unacceptable. I have my laptop with me, but there is pretty much no wireless to speak of here on campus, because my school is actually located in the 19th century, which, while delightful if you happen to be some sort of hoop-skirt aficionado, is pretty fucking inconvenient when you want to do something outlandish like, say, check your email. I guess it explains why tuition is so high, though. It all goes to footmen and chandeliers and opium.

Rehearsals for Secret Garden start tomorrow. Four kids for me (two boys and two girls), a cast packed with awesome folks, and one of my all-time favorite musical theatre scores. I’m pretty stoked. Though between that and Woods and school and a few mini-gigs here and there, I seem to have scheduled myself right out of a social life this holiday season. Whoops?


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