Can we talk about the harmony I’m listening to right now? WE CANNOT. IT IS TOO BEAUTIFUL.

Woooo! Coming to you live from Secret Garden rehearsal! WiFi and laptops are the neatest.

You guys. YOU GUYS. Maybe I am crazy, but I have missed this so much. This job, this company. I get to sit around and listen to talented people sing gorgeous music, and for this they pay me cash monies. I suppose the next best thing would be, y’know, being one of the talented people singing gorgeous music and still getting paid cash monies. I’m working on it. But for right now? Sweet gig.

Man, speaking of gorgeous music, take a listen to this. I’ve basically been blasting it nonstop on my iPhone since yesterday. Which is weird, because I’m singing in it, and normally I’m all “oh, whatever” to stuff I do, but Tracy and Samantha sound so beautiful and we keep hitting this great blend and there are big ol’ mistakes and it doesn’t even matter because it’s just lush. I can’t wait ’til we perform it for real at Voci! on the 19th.

Aaaaaand I’m boring myself at this point. Sorry, NaBloPoMo. THEY CAN’T ALL BE GEMS.

I will leave you with this: I can’t go into detail, but let it be known that I will never again be able to hear the phrase “I am Spartacus!” without collapsing into a fit of giggles. Fact.


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