I am the Bobby Fischer of inter-dimensional photon chess.

Well, it is a bracing 20 degrees in my room at the moment — at least that’s my estimate — so it’s something of a miracle that I’ve managed to thaw my fingers enough to type even this, NaBloPoMo.

My friend Kirsten had a baby on Wednesday. A baby! A whole new person! I am too impressed to even deal with it. Also, because I am the oddest of ducks, I keep thinking about weird stuff; like the fact that this kid has been born into a post-Harry Potter world. The books are done, the movies are done…it’s totally not even going to be a thing for him. I mean, how crazy is that? He missed that entire cultural phenomenon. The thing people went apeshit over for a solid decade. And ten years from now, someone my age will be talking to him about it, and trying to describe what a big deal it all was, and he’ll be all, “oh, cool, I guess,” and then he’ll teleport to his holo-suite to play inter-dimensional photon chess with his android friend who lives on Venusian colony B59-K. I just don’t get your generation, Hypothetical Future-Kid. I JUST DON’T GET YOU AT ALL.

It’s my mom’s birthday today. She spent the bulk of it in rehearsal for White Christmas, where they brought her festive party hats and a banner, and she showed her gratitude by making them all tap-dance their feet off for a good five hours. Til cooked prime rib for dinner, and when I finally got home from my rehearsal, Mom and I sat by the fire and gossiped about our shows, and she made me try some terrible cheese, and I showed her my very first honest-to-god, not-going-away laugh-line, just to make sure the day’s whole “aging” theme really got driven home.

(I made a Hamburglar reference to one of my wranglees today, only to find out that he had no idea who the Hamburglar is. Because he was born in THE YEAR TWO-THOUSAND. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just take my laugh-line and my 1980’s fast-food mascots to a quiet corner where I can turn to dust.)


2 thoughts on “I am the Bobby Fischer of inter-dimensional photon chess.

  1. So I’m sitting here and reading like ALL of your blog entries from the last few weeks and peeing my pants and I just have to say that I brought the hats and banner. That is all ; )

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