I missed a day. Aaaaaand I don’t particularly care. For though I may have lost at NaBloPoMo, it was on account of my being busy winning at life. Suck on that, dear reader. Suck on it reeeeeeal hard.

Wayne and I stopped by the mall today with the goal of swapping out our demon baby in Into the Woods for something a little less nightmare-inducing. We ended up acquiring an adorable replacement, for which Wayne generously paid before placing it in my care. Thus, at long last, and against all odds, Wayne has given a woman a baby. Our only regret is that we didn’t bring cigars to hand out to folks as we carried our little miracle out to the car in its plastic bag.

Hoo boy…it is only four o’clock, and my eyelids are already droopin’. I’ve still got two hours of wrangling and three hours of rehearsal to fight my way through before bed even begins to be an option though, which means I will probably just fall asleep mid-makeout during the staging of “Any Moment” tonight. Kinky.


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