Okay, the Secret Garden kids are all settled in for tutoring, which means I’ve actually got a nice chunk o’ time to devote to collecting my brain-drippings and arranging them for public display.

— John Neville died! Baron Munchausen! Man, I love that movie. I actually spent a significant portion of my childhood and early adolescence convinced that I had made that movie up. I saw it only once when I was very small, and it was so bizarre that the snippets of it I could remember in later years seemed like they must have been the product of some kind of pixie-stick-induced nightmare. (Floating heads on the moon! Card games in the belly of a sea-beast! Naked Uma Thurman in a clamshell!) And of course, this was before the all-knowing internet hive-mind could tell me otherwise. In fact, I don’t think I got actual confirmation of Munchausen’s existence until I met Jaime. Same basic story with Return to Oz and Flight of Dragons, too. Ah, the halcyon days of the 1980’s fantasy film. Truly, it was the most batshit of times.

— My fella went to New York for the very first time ever this past week! And he brought me goodies!

Gypsy Rose Lee’s autobiography, and a magnetic tribute to the greatest goddamn television curmudgeon since Archie Bunker himself. My boyfriend is kind of the best, you guys.

— As I walked out my front door this afternoon to head to rehearsal, I nearly tripped over a large cardboard box full of vegetables that had been left smack dab in the middle of our porch, because apparently we are now the kind of family who gets boxes of organic, locally-farmed vegetables delivered to their house. Who knew? Anyway, as I pushed the produce aside, I noticed another cardboard box nearby, addressed to yours truly. Inside? A shiny new copy of Look, I Made a Hat. Awwwwww yeeeeeeeah. It is now sitting beside me on the tutoring room table in full view of any passersby, and it has already been enviously fondled by a few of my co-workers. Theatre street cred: I has it.

— The Muppets opens tomorrow! The Muppets opens tomorrow and I have absolutely no time I could possibly see it until Monday, because the universe is cruel and unjust and there is no God. BUT CLEARLY I HAVE NO STRONG FEELINGS ON THE SUBJECT.

— There is a fluffy puppy at rehearsal. He is wearing a sweater. Everything else has ceased to be relevant. I repeat: there is a fluffy, sweater-wearing puppy at rehearsal. That is all.


3 thoughts on “Tidbittery

  1. How the HELL do you have “Look, I Made a Hat” already? I preordered mine on Amazon in September. They didn’t ship it until today, and apparently it’s coming via camel. Delivery estimate is Thursday (i.e., a WEEK FROM TOMORROW). I am not happy.

  2. I’ve seen Baron Munchausen, and I still think you might have imagined it.

    Speaking of which, I remember someone in my college class thinking they might have imagined The Last Unicorn.

  3. i read that first sentence as “Okay, the Secret Garden kids are all settled in for **torturing**..”

    i was like, wow, they’re intense at theatreworks. and heather is so nonchalant about it.

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