He’ll type it out with his little beak, and then drink a latte. It’ll be adorable.

Up in the rustic, remote hills of Auburn with the family for Thanksgiving, and there would appear to be no internet for miles in any direction. What the area lacks in technology, however, it more than makes up for in woodland critters. Place is lousy with ’em. In fact, I am dictating this entire entry to a squirrel, in the hope that he can maybe pass it on to a sparrow who knows where the nearest WiFi-enabled Starbucks might be. Truly, I am a Disney princess for the Modern Age.

I sure am thankful though, NaBloPoMo. I am thankful that there is so much love directed my way from so many different quarters. I am thankful that every aspect of my existence is wrapped up in the doing and seeing and celebration of theatre. I am thankful for all the possibility that suddenly seems to lie front of me; all the exciting and mysterious yet-to-bes. I am thankful for my life.

I hope you are all warm and well-fed and surrounded by the people you love best; not just today, but always.


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