Hey, remember that time I had the most interesting year, but then totally forgot to blog about any of it for nine entire months, mostly because Twitter and Facebook have systematically unravelled my already tenuous ability to write anything longer than two sentences at a time? Do you? ‘Cause it…it was pretty much now.

Enter NABLOPOMO (formally known as National Blog Posting Month)! I have faithfully participated in every single NaBloPoMo since way back in aught-six, when LiveJournal ruled the Internet, and a tumblr was nothing more than an acrobat with a laughably poor grasp of traditional vowel placement in the Queen’s English. Since I am, as a rule, 100% terrible at documenting the stuff that happens to me — especially the good stuff — it’s been kind of neat to have such a comprehensive snapshot of my life and mindset at this particular time each year.

Ghosts of NaBloPoMo Past

2006  *  2007  *  2008  *  2009  *  2010  *  2011

Sooooo…that’s about it, really. I’m gonna try to post every day, no matter what. I might even try to make some of those posts substantial and distinctly not terrible. I mean, like, no promises or anything. But I’ll do what I can.

Okay, kids. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m gonna NaBloPo the absolute shit* out of this Mo. Let’s doooooo thiiiiiiiiis!

*Oh, yeah, I’m pretty cuss-y. Just…FYI. Ladies of delicate constitution should probably stock up on smelling salts now. You’ve been warned.


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