Balls, I had myself totally convinced I’d already done an entry today.

I’ve got nothing for you, NaBloPoMo, except the tale of the fabled Irish clan called the O’Bligings, who were very, very accommodating to all who crossed them, and were conquered almost immediately by the Normans. It’s not so much a tale, really, as it is a stupid thing my boyfriend and I made up in the car on the way home from Vallejo that made us laugh way more than it should have. “Ah, yer conquerin’ us now, are ya? Here, let me help you with that! No, no, I’ll set my barn on fire meself, don’t you be troubled about it. I’ll call out the wife, run her through with that sword for ya if ye’d like. Happy to be of assistance!” This is how we occupy our time.

DINING REVIEW: Hobbit Pumpkin Pancakes at Denny’s? Delicious. Hobbit Shire Sausage at Denny’s? Total ass. LOOK, MA, I’M A FOOD CRITIC.


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