Yes, Virginia, the Stepmother does kind of look like a drag queen.

Bluuuuuuuuurgh so much foooooooooood. My body was not a fan of tonight’s performance. Even my skin was actively rejecting the makeup I was trying to apply. I’m going to start a campaign to make the day after Thanksgiving a national holiday as well. National Oh-God-Oh-God-My-Stomach-Why-Did-I-Do-That-To-Myself-I-Need-To-Sleep-Forever Day. I’ll start drafting the proposal now.

Some of the little ankle-biters who came to our shows last week wrote the cast thank-you letters/fan mail, and it is all pretty much the cutest. Some of my favorite excerpts:

Dear Prince Charming,

I really enjoyed the play today! One part I really enjoyed was when you made the faces at the stepsisters when you were dancing with them! And I also loved it when you made an I Love you face at cinderella, at the ball when you were dancing!

Kid, I’m pretty sure his “I love you” face was just gas.

Cinderella and the Prince did the kissing scene. Really a real kiss. Everybody thought it was crazy.

This one’s my favorite. Just something about the wording, and the lack of exclamation points. It’s so matter of fact. In my head, I’m hearing it said by a shellshocked, wide-eyed frat boy after witnessing some kind of massive alien invasion or something. “I don’t know, bro, I was just standing there and then these bright lights started flashing, and people were screaming and flying into the air, and I ran, and then Cinderella and the Prince actually, really kissed. It was crazy, man. Crazy.”

The stepmother was very creepy and scary at the end of the play.

You, young sir or madam, are why I come to work every day. See you in your nightmares! And maybe in a therapy session when you’re in your late twenties.

There were a bunch more notes (even a couple addressed to me!), but those were the bits I scribbled down. I grudgingly concede your adorability, urchins. Congrats. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve still got, like, nine pounds of various pies to work through my intestines.

NaBloPoMo 2012

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