NaBloPo Even Mo’?

Yikes, I sure am running behind today. I’ve got one hour to shower, dress, and get my face all dragged out, a process which normally takes ninety-minutes at the very least. So it’s clearly the perfect time to sit and do a blog!

Like, I’ve got 34 different versions of “Silver Bells” alone.

It’s no secret that NaBloPoMo has been a trial, and I’d say the ratio of actual, interesting content to pointless digital noise is…I don’t know, some numbers where it’s clear that most of the stuff I write is meandering blather, math isn’t my thing. But…writing is good for me, because it’s become apparent in recent years that I’ve developed serious focus issues, and I think making myself sit down and churn out words is a good exercise. So, as much as it pains me to prolong this…I think I’m gonna do Holidailies. Maybe. I’m on the fence. Thing is, I probably wouldn’t do it here, but rather over at my Tumblr. The whole “write about whatever” thing doesn’t really work for me when I need to produce daily content, so I thought I’d go with a theme, and bring you Heather’s 31 Days of Holiday Hum-dingers, where I post one randomly-selected holiday song per day and write a short blurb about it. Turns out I’ve got not ten, not twenty, but THREE-THOUSAND AND EIGHTY-FIVE seasonal songs currently squatting in my iTunes, many of which are delightful and a lot of which are really freakin’ out there or bizarre, so I think it’d be fun to see what the “shuffle” feature spits out at me.

BUT WHAT IS A BLOGGEUSE WITHOUT HER READERS? WHAT, I ASK YOU? Whaddya think, kids? Should I Holidailies it up? Or shut my yawning digital trap already?

NaBloPoMo 2012

3 thoughts on “NaBloPo Even Mo’?

  1. I can’t participate in the poll, because there isn’t an option that both damns you for creating a poll and at the same time encourages you to, as Mike Rhone puts it, “DO IT.”

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