I spent the time I should have been writing those entries watching even more “Bob’s Burgers”. I stand by my decision.

Did you know that you can’t use an Amazon credit to buy someone else an Amazon gift card? I sure didn’t. And that’s maybe the kind of thing one should look into before doing a butt-load of Amazon trade-ins with the intention of transferring the resulting credits to your mom in exchange for far more useful cash with which to buy food and other non-Amazon-provided necessaries. I mean, I guess I could still use the credits for food, I’d just have to order two days before I plan to eat it (three, if I order on a Friday). Thank goodness for Prime shipping, otherwise I’d be hungry for the next 6 to 12 business days.

45 hours until I’m on a plane to Florida! Well, not Real Florida; the Independent Republic of Disney, which, though residing smack dab in the middle of our dangliest state, employs some kind of dark witchcraft to keep Real Florida at bay. Nothing but Brazilian tourists and faux-European architecture for me, thanks! Fingers crossed I avoid Florida Man entirely.

My intention was to write nine entries before the trip so I could set them up to auto-publish while I’m gone. I wrote zero. And that, children, is what we call a compromise.

The More You Know


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