Dictated, Not Read

Dear Everyone,

I’m moving to Disney World and never coming back. Byyyyyye!

Warm (Yet Distant) Regards,

…who am I kidding, the Florida sun would reduce me to a cinder before the first box was off the U-Haul. Only the mildest of climates for me. That’s why I dig the Bay Area so much; we only have the vaguest suggestions of weather.

In five hours at Hollywood Studios, Tony and I managed to fit in six Tower of Terrors, three Star Tours, two Rock ‘n’ Roller Coasters, one Toy Story Mania, and one Great Movie Ride, while still having time for a leisurely lunch, and strolls through a couple of the park’s low-key exhibits. Is there a way for me to monetize being good at doing stuff at theme parks? Please send your answer, along with a hundred dollar bill and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, to Heather Orth, Pop Century Resort, Orlando, FL. Many will enter, few will win! GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!


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