Still waiting on that promised Equatorial Africa pavilion.

Uggghhhh World Showcase you make me feel so many feeeeeeliiiiings. You make me wish I spoke all the languages and had all the money so I could travel everywhere and just marvel at both the awesomeness of the crap we humans somehow create and the wonders of the natural world. I want to see evvvvveryyyyyyythiiiiiiiiing.

(I also want to design, like, an über-World Showcase, with a butt-load of countries; all perfect, aesthetically-cohesive microcosms of their parent lands, full of the best of their individual culture’s entertainment and customs and cuisines. We could just leave out all the sketchy parts, which is what the current World Showcase does. For example, the Germany pavilion focuses primarily on pretzels and cuckoo clocks instead of, say, the Third Reich.)

Hopping on a plane tomorrow and heading back to the real world. Gross. I’m going to write several strongly-worded letters of protest to Parliament.


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