Only thirty minutes of free in-flight wifi, Virgin? What are we, feudal serfs?

Disney World was amazing and awesome and all I’ll talk about for a good, long time, probably, so apologies in advance for that. But nine days of vacation is way more than I’ve earned or deserve, so it’s time to get back to all the end of 2013 is lobbing at me. I’ve got to learn a couple of songs for my pal Wayne’s graduate recital, a mess of music and a script for the January reading of All the More to Love, aaaand I still need to write a cabaret show. And all with a mere hundred dollars to my name! It’ll be like a magic trick! A magic trick where the trick is I don’t see any friends or drive anywhere ever again because I literally only have a hundred dollars left to my name. PRESTO!

Quick, magical airborne post! To the WordPress servers with you before my time is fully spent! Away!


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