Sometimes I wonder how many people don’t know that Franklin and Twain weren’t alive at the same time. Then I get sad.

Woooooo, missed another NaBloPoMo day! And it wasn’t even while I was in Orlando. I was just sitting at home, attempting to ease the pain of my poor, bloated, neglected Hulu queue one sitcom episode at a time.

It appears that getting up around 6:00 AM almost every day for the last week-and-a-half has stuck. This…is probably not a terrible development? I mean, I’m pretty sure this is how most humans do things. And I think we can all agree, if there’s anyone who’s better at functional existence than me, it’s most humans.

The main problem, of course, still remains the actual egress from the bed itself. It’s one thing when getting out of your warm, soft blanket-nest means you’re on your way to a bunch of kick-ass rides and cool thematic architecture. When it just means you’ll be super cold and should probably get around to figuring out a cheap way to ship over a hundred Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics so you can finally list them on eBay and stave off destitution for another week…it’s a bit more of a challenge, is what I’m saying here.

Anyway. Remember when Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin hung out in the torch of the Statue of Liberty? What an auspicious occasion. Our country’s history is so fascinating!

Once Twain left, Franklin started putting the moves on Lady Liberty, hardcore. Oh, Ben; you and your French girls.


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