More local awards blather, because otherwise all my entries would just be about how much I love “Bob’s Burgers”.

Singing at Feinstein’s is pretty dang nifty, and I would very much like to make a habit of it.

I must correct an error in my last post. Jessie Mueller is NOT, as I had previously misstated, nominated for Best Leading Actor in a Touring Musical for her performance as Carole King in Beautiful. She’s nominated for Best SUPPORTING Actor in a Touring Musical. And Best Supporting Actress in a Touring Musical. Aaaaaand Best Leading Actress in a Touring Musical.

I give up.

Looks like the TBA Awards are officially up and running now, which is great; though I think we can all agree it’s just a teeeeeeensy bit crappy that four months’ worth of eligible shows will be shut out of the truncated inaugural judging season due to the launch delay. That means Ray of Light’s Carrie won’t be up for anything, which is a shame, because at the very least there was some pretty neat tech stuff happening on that stage. I know it must be difficult organizing and refining an award system for a region this large and diverse, and the guy running the whole thing is really an all-around awesome, über-nice, professional human…I just kind of wish they’d delayed the whole thing entirely until next year once they realized they weren’t going to be ready by their originally-announced starting date, rather than hacking all of Fall 2013 off this first go ’round. One of my biggest problems with the BATCCAs has always been their (unintentional, but still galling) lack of inclusion based on geography, and now we’re starting off our new, much-improved effort with a disheartening lack of inclusion based on time-frame. It’s a shame, is all; though presumably, next year will bring a full 12-month judging cycle. I also can’t tell if pro-houses will be competing against community theatres, but if they will, we can definitely look forward to Berkeley Rep and ACT and CalShakes and SF Playhouse winning everything always forever, because come on. But beyond that, it appears the Bay Area is finally getting the sane, sensible system for recognizing excellence in theatre it so desperately needs and deserves, and that’s, as Martha Stewart once monotoned, “a good thing.”


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