NaBloPoMo ’14, Day Three: How old is too old when it comes to taking up mime?

Heeeeeey, has anybody seen a nice, solid mix laying around anywhere? Ranging from, like, a Bb to about an F? Really clear and well-supported? Possibly hanging out with an unstrained belt that goes from G to (on a very good day) C#? ‘Cause I have misplaced both of those things. I have misplaced them SO HARD.

Yeah, things are not going too well down in the ol’ larynx, boy howdy. Of course, I’m convinced it’s nodes, because when you’re a singer, you are always convinced it’s nodes. A little hoarse today? Nodes. Throat feels tight? Nodes. Accidentally cut your finger while prepping dinner? NODES. But for real, you guys, I’m worried it might be nodes. I put my voice through the ringer on Yeast Nation in a really, markedly unhealthy way, and this hoarseness hasn’t really let up since it first appeared back around October 5th.

(Allergic reaction to a bee sting? NODES.)

All this would be a little less distressing if tonight hadn’t been the first rehearsal in what will be a whirlwind three weeks of prep for Something For the Boys, leaving me with exactly zero time to shut up and recover. So now begins the process of hunting down an ENT; though in order for that to happen, I must first call Anthem tomorrow at dawn, regain access to my online account (because I locked myself out tonight trying to answer my “I forgot my password” security question), figure out what my used-to-be-a-PPO-but-now-is-something-useless plan covers, and then see if there are any singer-focused otolaryngologists in the area who’ll take said insurance and see me within the next 48 hours. Adulthood: Where sometimes the best possible outcome involves trying not to vomit while a stranger shoves a rod-shaped metal camera down your throat and then charges you more than you earn in a month for the ordeal. Also maybe you get some steroids. Wheeeee!

(…car accident? NODES.)


One thought on “NaBloPoMo ’14, Day Three: How old is too old when it comes to taking up mime?

  1. This post is excellent. In college I had many classmates who had fears of nodes and more often than not it turned out to be a case of acid reflux. (My voice teacher advised me to give up diet coke….oh hell no!) You have solid vocal technique, so that would be my guess. The few people who actually did have nodes all got to dramatically recover in silence with a traveling dry erase board. I always envied them for having a legit excuse to cause such a scene. They all seemed to get over it once that got old and returned to beautiful singing. So really a win win for everyone.

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