NaBloPoMo ’14, Day Four: Aw crap, I’m gonna have to learn to do my hair fancy too, probably.

Tony just reminded me that I’ve scarcely an hour left to get in a post. Thaaaaaaaanks, Tony, you are cute and I like you.

Second rehearsal for Something for the Boys tonight, where our animated German director finally joined us and described his semi-immersive, show-within-a-show concept for the production, which will involve transforming the Eureka Theatre into the famed Hollywood Canteen to some degree. As a big fan of the overall aesthetics of that era, I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Hopefully the costumer will be able to find a cute forties frock that fits me and doesn’t make me look like a downed barrage balloon from the Blitz.

I also got a chance to do some moderate German musical theatre-related geeking out with Herr Regisseur, who worked on some pretty big-ticket stuff over there before relocating to the US two-and-a-half years ago. And before you ask, I managed to make it all of five minutes before inquiring as to whether or not he knows and/or has worked with Drew Sarich. (Answer: Yes and yes. So now I’m only one professional degree of separation away from Drew Sarich. That fact definitely doesn’t reduce me mentally to a fangirling twelve-year-old. Nope. Nothing to see here but a grown-ass woman handling herself.)

Voice is still terrible, though it looks like I’ll be seeing an ENT a week from Thursday, so hopefully Blossom Hart will have that trademark Merman brassiness by the time we make it to tech. I mean, worst case scenario, I could probably lip-synch to the original cast recording. Or we could just turn it into an entire evening of me lip-synching Merman songs. Which would be amazing. And also probably look something like this.

And now, more Gilmore Girls for me. Fly, little nothing of a post! Flyyyyyy!


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