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11-01-2011 Whatcha gonna do with all the Mo? All that Mo up in that NaBloPo?

11-02-2011 Aw, rats.

11-03-2011 “Hoop-Skirt Afficianado” is going on my resume.

11-04-2011 Can we talk about the harmony I’m listening to right now? WE CANNOT. IT IS TOO BEAUTIFUL.

11-05-2011 I am the Bobby Fischer of inter-dimensional photon chess.

11-06-2011 “Bazooka Bear” is definitely a cartoon I’d watch.

11-07-2011 Plus, Ben Folds is everybody’s hipster dad.


11-09-2011 You can’t see it here, but her mouth is full of dirt. It is extra-disturbing.

11-10-2011 “We got the freakin’ moon. What are you gonna do without tides, Peru?”

11-11-2011 ALL CAPS. ALL THE TIME.

11-12-2011 Let’s just all declare ourselves popes and have done with it.

11-13-2011 Whatever.

11-15-2011 NaBloPoNOOOOOO!

11-16-2011 I also have an unnatural love of gingers. I may be broken.

11-17-2011 “Much more to say; foolish to try”

11-18-2011 Also, the cars ride inside airplanes and boats. Which are also alive. That…that’s just kind of filthy.

11-20-2011 Webberpalooza

11-21-2011 “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

11-22-2011 Tidbittery

11-23-2011 Break out der poppin’ corn!

11-24-2011 He’ll type it out with his little beak, and then drink a latte. It’ll be adorable.