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11-01-2012 OH CRAP NABLOPOMO 2012

11-02-2012 The best part of waking up…

11-03-2012 Wait, we’re NOT doing “The Full Monty”? Oh. I…I was confused.

11-04-2012 After all, tomorrow…is another entry. *MUSIC SWELLS*

11-05-2012 I’M GONNA WRECK IT! And by “it,” I mean your heart.

11-06-2012 Is it too late to vote Latrice Royale into office?

11-07-2012 I think Rose is just misunderstood. But then, I’m biased.

11-08-2012 Do you hear the Heather judge? Judging the songs of faux-French men?


11-10-2012 NaBloPoSNOW!

11-11-2012 Out on the open road.

11-12-2012 Ow. My most of me.

11-13-2012 I could probably use some coffaaaaaay.

11-14-2012 Now I will raise the safety bar, and a ghost will cause you to accidentally ruin your Disneyland trip a little! Muahahaha!

11-15-2012 I should send her my “Buffy” DVDs in about eight years. She’ll dig ’em.

11-16-2012 Stepmother does the Sloppy Swish.

11-17-2012 Biology, we are enemies.

11-18-2012 I am the lawr, and the lawr is not mocked!

11-19-2012 NaBloPoMoveAlongNothingToSeeHere

11-20-2012 Chinese. Next year I’m just ordering Chinese.

11-21-2012 Here. Here is a post.

11-22-2012 Oh, I accidentally live-blogged the Broadway portion of the parade. That’ll do, I guess.

11-23-2012 Yes, Virginia, the Stepmother does kind of look like a drag queen.

11-24-2012 Just one of many reasons I cannot and should not ever be in “Cats”.

11-25-2012 I’m kind of surprised I knew how to spell “unguents” off the top of my head.

11-26-2012 NOPE

11-27-2012 Also, there’s nothing I want to know about any of those people’s lives that Facebook can’t tell me.

11-28-2012 NaBloPo Even Mo’?

11-29-2012 I’m going to write “emotional” on my crutches, and then wait for someone to punch me right in the face. I will probably not have to wait long.

11-30-2012 Sometimes, you’ve just got to let the gifs do your work for you.